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11 September

OVs in News Collaboration

Ov Anna Pykett

We are always thrilled when we hear about collaborations between OVs, and this week, we were delighted to hear that Phil Mackie (Cl 73-83) was interviewed by ABC NewsRadio Australia, where OV Anna Pykett (Os 02-09) is a national news reader and producer.

Phil works as a news correspondent for the BBC in the Midlands and was reporting on the latest stabbings in Birmingham; you can hear his report here.

It’s not the first time the pair have worked together. Before making the move to Australia Anna worked at BBC 5 live in Salford, where they often crossed paths.

Anna said: ‘It was great to get fellow OV, Phil on air in Australia. Whilst I love my job in sunny Sydney I miss my hometown Malvern and running on the hills. Enjoy lovely Worcester.’