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4 March

OV’s Leading Literature

It is very exciting to learn that OV Col Richard Westley OBE MC (W 72-81) has just released his latest book.

Business Leadership Under Fire, which Richard co-authored with turnaround expert Pepyn Dinandt, hit shelves last month (February 2022).

leadership Richard Westley

Explaining the premise for the book, Richard said, “In July 2020, Pepyn Dinandt approached me with an idea for a book. Already an accomplished businessman, running several European major corporate companies, he had been exposed to some British military thinking and realised that the military had a good deal to offer businesses. This was at a time when business and society were facing the unprecedented challenges of both Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. It seemed to us that the time was right to produce something that would help business leaders make sense of the challenges within the markets and to succeed.”

Richard was able to draw on both his significant military experience, having served in the Army for 27 years, and his subsequent career in supporting business leaders to optimise their own, and their teams’, performance.

Business Leadership Under Fire is Richard’s second book. His first, Operation Insanity, was published in 2017, which shared Richard’s recollections of one of his operations in Bosnia and the lessons learned from the harrowing experience.

Richard continued, “Business Leadership Under Fire offers the reader a nine-step planning process for focusing leadership in business. It addresses some major reasons for businesses failing and uses military style planning and leadership to assist CEOs, both present and aspiring, in developing their leadership styles and acumen.”

leadership Richard Westley

We’re sure there will be many OVs who will benefit greatly from Richard and Pepyn’s experiences and knowledge.