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27 May

OV’s Pedal Power

Fantastic to see OV Hayley Simmonds (Cr 99-06) continue to take the lead in road cycling. Most recently Hayley came first in the AeroCoach Road Bike Time Trial Championships, part of the Road Bike National Time Trial Series 2021. Not only did Hayley come in at more than a minute faster than the second placed, but she was also only six seconds off setting a new road bike 10-mile record!

Hayley elaborated: “This was the first time I have entered a road bike time trial and I wasn’t sure what sort of time I was likely to do as a result. The event was extremely well run and I enjoyed testing myself on a course where it was possible to be on the power almost all of the time. I wasn’t aware before I started what the record was for a 10 mile road bike TT so to find out that I was only 6 seconds off breaking it has really motivated me to do more road bike events later in the season.”

An excellent documentary about Hayley’s switch from rowing to cycling has also been released this month on GCN+, called ‘Cycling Changed My Life’. You can find it on YouTube if you don’t currently subscribe to GCN+.

We would like to congratulate Hayley on her hard work and continued success and look forward to watching more wins!

OV Hayley Simmonds with her bike at Halesowen Track