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18 September

OVs return to King’s as Flexible Teaching Supervisors

We are delighted to welcome back a group of OVs in their new role as Flexible Teaching Supervisors. They will be supporting pupils in the classroom if their teacher is isolating. The isolating teacher liaises with one of the team so that the teacher broadcasts the lesson into the classroom with the benefit that the pupils experience complete continuity with the subject and teacher whilst receiving support from an adult in the classroom who can distribute resources and act as a liaison.

The OVs taking part are Izzy Jamous (Br 06-13), Mike Hines (S 08-15), George Fradgley (Cl 15-17), Stephanie Whitby (K 14-16), Harry Baer (S 09-16), Theo Beever (S 09-16) and Jamie MacDonald (W 08-15).

Mrs Beever (Hon OV), Deputy Head Academic said, “The benefit of recruiting graduates who were King’s pupils is that they know the site and many staff really well and are able to bring their own academic experiences into the classroom, whilst remembering what it is like to be a pupil here”.

OV Jamie MacDonald said “ After a great induction morning, it’s so exciting to be returning to The King’s School as a member of staff during these unprecedented times. It’s is amazing to be back and part of this family, which in many ways, feels like we have never left. It is extremely impressive to see how King’s has adapted so quickly, ensuring the pupils learning is not affected. I hope that no teachers are absent but I look forward to stepping up as a Flexible Teaching Supervisor and utilising the technology available to continue the teaching process as normal to the best of my ability. “

A teacher who broadcast a lesson recently said that, “The experiences and IT skills learned in lockdown combined with new classroom technology, enabled me to continue seamlessly when I was waiting for a test result. The pupils were fantastic and it felt as if I was in the room with them.”