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11 October

OV’s Reunite at Old Chapel

We were thrilled to be sent this super photo following an OV get-together! As part of the Himalayan Fundraising Event back in March, one of the auction lots was a UK guided walk with John Walton (Hon OV) who founded The Himalayan Club at King’s.

It ended up as a 1999 OV reunion for the OVs who had great memories from their time in the Himalayan Club back at King’s, including a trip to the Black Mountains in Nepal. Everyone had a great weekend reminiscing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and John gave special thanks to Angela Walton (Hon OV) and OV David Thomas (S 56-66) who helped make it a great trip.

Pictured left are Joanna Jones (S 94-99), Georgia Burford (K 97-99) , Liz Havard (K 92-99), Lucy Barry (K 93-99), John Walton (Hon OV), Jeannie Trevena (K 92-99) and David Thomas (S 56-66).