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25 June

OV’s Sculpture Show

We were so pleased to hear from OV Lucy Teasdale (Cl 02-92 / King’s St Alban’s) with news of her latest show: The Way Through the Woods, at Galerie Born in Berlin.

The exhibition is based on the 1910 poem with the same title by Rudyard Kipling, about a trail through the woods that has been covered with plants and trees over time. The poem provides a great metaphor: Lucy’s sculptures are often inspired by images from (art) history, with a keen eye on reflections of present day, transforming the images freely into her materials and creating a new ‘way through the woods’.

Lucy’s artistic career began at King’s, swiftly followed by the Chelsea College of Art & Design at the University of the Arts in London. Following this, Lucy moved to Berlin to further hone her skills and start exhibiting professionally. Since her move to Germany, Lucy has been prolific in her sculpting, using a variety of materials from bronze, marble, and brass, to porcelain, and acrystal, which is a composite material based on acrylic resin and natural mineral crystals that allow for colour variety.

Lucy added: “I’m very happy that I had the chance to try out so many things with the art department and various art clubs at King’s. Few people can do copper plate etching or life drawing while still at school. Having your own space as an art A level student was a great preparation for studying later.”

OV's sculpture show Lucy Teasdale

Currently dividing her time between Berlin and Copenhagen, Lucy has been holding at least two exhibitions a year for over a decade and is a multi-award winning sculptor. The Way Through the Woods is on until mid-July, after which Lucy will be exhibiting alongside Jon Pilkington at Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen.

It is fantastic to see how Lucy’s career has gone from strength-to-strength and we are so looking forward to the time when we will be able to visit one of her shows in person.