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24 April

OVs stories from around the world- New Zealand & Norway

Last week we were pleased to share OV stories from France and Laos and this week we have Ben’s story about New Zealand and Charlotte writes of life in Norway. We have more OV stories next week too so keep an eye out.

We really enjoy reading these OV news updates so if you live abroad and would like to share your story please do let us know at

New Zealand: Ben Glossop (Cl 80-88)

OV Ben Glossop working from home

“Come to New Zealand” they said.  “It’s really outdoorsy” they said.  Well, here we are in Level 4 lockdown and I have not been more than a mile from the house for 4 weeks.  At times it feels like I am living The Life of Pi – trapped in a small space with a group of unpredictable wild animals.  Most of the time, however, I think how lucky we are over here.  My income is secure, the autumn weather is fair and the family has been baking up a storm.

In Christchurch we have to beware the ides of March.  At this time of year we always have some sort of disaster – earthquakes, mass shootings, plagues.  We are united over here behind Auntie Jacinda, pushing hard to eliminate Covid-19 from our shores.  With only three new cases today, we are starting to believe that better times are not too far away.

What about the second wave of cases from abroad, you may ask?  Well, New Zealand is quite literally CLOSED for now.  Yesterday not a single person arrived in our country, and anybody who does arrive for the foreseeable future will be spending 2 weeks in state supervised quarantine.

The only downside of being trapped in NZ paradisolation?  I miss my family in Blighty, and the world just got a whole lot bigger.

Norway: Charlotte Brun (Co 99-89)

Photo for Oslo University HospitalGreetings from Oslo, Norway!

We had a “kick start” of the corona infection after ski- tourists came back from Italy and Austria in February. The government closed schools and childcare on March 12th. As many as possible work from home and we are constantly reminded to wash hands and stay 2 metres apart. Fortunately this has slowed down the infection. The hospitals manage well and we are slowly starting to “reopen”. Photo of cabin in Norway

Most people have handled this well, but one thing surprised me – some made a lot of complaints when they were no longer allowed to travel outside their home town. Due to travel restrictions they could not visit their cabins in the mountain. I guess they planned for a home office with cross-country skiing at lunch.

I visited our family cabin in early March, just before we closed down. The huge amount of snow this year will make it possible to ski in May, so hopefully this will cheer up the most fanatic skiers.

OVs Johan and Charlotte Brun outside College HouseNo home office for me as I am a medical doctor at Oslo University hospital. I have specialised as a paediatrician and we have seen only mild cases among children in my department.

I went back to practice working with adult patients as we needed to relocate doctors and nurses wherever needed.

OV Charlotte Brun's children outside Worcester Cathedral

I have three children at home. They have a lot of homework but online teaching has been better than I expected. At least as long as the WiFi works!

We think about our friends in the UK in this difficult time and sincerely hope you are well!

My father Johan Brun (H 61-62), who is also a King’s OV, sends his thoughts and best wishes to you all!

When life returns to normal, we hope to once again visit King’s School with our family!

Photo 1: Oslo University hospital
Photo 2: Family cabin this March
Photo 3: My father and I outside College House
Photo 4: My children outside the Cathedral