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6 May

OVs Tackling the Tough Mudder

On Saturday 2nd April 2022, an intrepid group of OVs took part in a Tough Mudder challenge in London, led by Kate Iddon (Cl 98-05) and Jo Dawes (née Hallett, Os 94-05). They were inspired to tackle the challenge in memory of their fathers, Peter Iddon (Hon OV) and Rod Hallett and to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice, from which both had received excellent care.

For those who have not yet come across a Tough Mudder, it is essentially an obstacle course full of physically and mentally demanding obstacles for teams to face, with a lot of mud thrown in for good measure. For example: giant ice baths, where participants are fully submerged; three-story high net climb and descend; a ‘mud mile’, with deep trenches and higher hills and many more challenges that require the team to work together to help each other complete.

Speaking to us after the event, Kate said, “We had a fantastic day and have been overwhelmed by the support shown through our fundraising page. Jo and I were really touched by so many sponsoring in memory of our fathers and we are delighted to have raised so much money for St Richard’s Hospice. We are definitely feeling the burn and are bruised and battered to show for it!”

Jo added, “Don’t be fooled by the lack of mud in the photo; one of the final obstacles was a dip in an ice bath, so any traces of muddiness were washed off!”

Tough Mudder with OVs Kate Iddon and Jo Dawes

This photo was taken at the finish line, pictured in the photo, L-R:

  • Emma Hayfield (W 98-05)
  • Lauren Wood (Cr 97-05)
  • Hannah Kimber (K 03-05)
  • Kate Iddon (Cl 98-05)
  • Jo Dawes (née Hallett, Os 94-05)
  • Katie Mackichan (née Humpage, W 98-05)
  • Sophie Olah (née Nelson, S 04-06)
  • Sophie Eckersley (Cl 03-05)

If you would like to know more about Kate and Jo’s challenge, please do get in touch with us at