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8 October

OVs’ Virgin London Marathon

Congratulations to all OVs who took part in this year’s Virgin London Marathon 2021! Whether you were pounding the pavements in the Capital, or one of the ‘virtual’ runners, you have achieved something truly incredible.

This was Dr Sarah Wheatstone’s (Co 89-91) third London marathon, with a fantastic 4 hours 28 minutes.

OVs' Virgin London Marathon Sarah Wheatsone

Emmie Le Marchand (Cl 03-10) ran in London with an impressive 3 hours 11 minutes, with her Championship place.

OVs' Virgin London Marathon Emmie Le Marchand

Well done to Freddie Leith (Os 09-16) who crossed the finish line in 3 hours 25 minutes having won a place in the ballot!

OVs' Virgin London Marathon Emmie Le Marchand

We hope everyone is recovering well!