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28 January

OV’s Virtual Visit

It was wonderful to welcome OV and former Head of School Joe Fowles (Cl 05-12 and King’s St Alban’s) ‘back’ to King’s this week to speak with some current Lower Sixth Economics students.

Currently an Engagement Manager in the Public Sector and Policy team for global management consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, Joe is days away from taking a sabbatical from the office to join the University of Sydney for a two-year Masters of Public Policy degree.

Joe joined some Lower Sixth in Adrian Batchelor’s Economics lesson remotely as a guest speaker to talk about three themes to watch in macroeconomics. He discussed the impact of inflation, currently at its highest level for over a decade; government debt at record levels, and what this might means for future spending; and asset prices, with a focus on cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Joe Fowles

The L6 students were fully engaged and asked some great questions, ranging from wanting to know more about cryptocurrency and how different economies and governments around the world are reacting to it to seeking Joe’s advice for applying to Oxford, and whether he still used the knowledge learned during A Levels.

Joe added, “I find that I’m still using the principles learned during A Levels, including the structured thinking taught by economics, every day.”

An important message Joe gave to the students was to take text book information and apply it to the real world to get a better and more in-depth understanding, explaining that, “economics isn’t divorced from politics!”

Many thanks for your time, Joe, and good luck in Australia.