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3 April

OVs Working From Home photos!

After our newsletter last week, we were delighted to be sent in some of your ‘Working From Home’ photos! Here are our first few below. Please do keep sending them in to

Jez Robertson (S 92-97) writes, “I came back to Tibberton for Mother’s day and have stayed ever since! I’m now WFH (working from home) in the house I grew up in. Below is the view from my bedroom window, the canal is great for runs and walks.”

View from working from home OV Jez Robertson

King’s Assistant SSI for King’s CCF, Paul Harding is busy working hard at not one, but two jobs from home! Paul tell us, “I juggle two jobs from home at the moment. The first is Assistant SSI for King’s CCF and the second is my self-employment at ‘Discover History,’ which I run with my wife and OV Helen Harding (Ch 94-01) (née Lee).

Despite the fact all training has stopped and the Biennial Inspection was cancelled in March, after months of planning, there’s are still plenty of things to do. I’ve been busy preparing for the next Recruit Intake and writing handouts for the training we deliver on a Friday.

Despite no work with ‘Discover History’ at the moment we are ensuring people stay at home by uploading a YouTube video every single day. Helen gave a Roman cookery demonstration on Monday! Please look us up. We have also been busy with background work in our store.”

Here is OV Simon Cobb (Os 85-93) at home in Brisbane, Australia with a very chilled office buddy!

And finally here is Karen Wild (née Gordon) (Co 87-89) filming online training classes with a little bit of help of course!

OV Karen Wild working from home with dog