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4 December

Oxbridge OVs give virtual interview top tips

To be successful in an Oxbridge application, students need to demonstrate a passion for their subject and a depth and breadth of knowledge in their chosen discipline.

To support our Oxbridge applicants in making their case, King’s offers visits to the universitiesgives advice on their personal statements, and offers tutoring for the pre-admission tests.  

Their final hurdle is the interview and this year’s candidates have been busy practicing their interviewing skills with teachers over the last few weeks. 

Last Friday, some of our OVs currently at Oxford or Cambridge joined this year’s cohort to give some advice via Zoom. Their tips ranged from being confident about what they have written in their personal statements to showing that they are teachable by treating the interview as a discussion not an interrogation. 

The OVs were: Tom Hale (Ca 12-18), Alice Evans (S 11-18), Andrew Salkeld (Cl 11-18), Charlie Mackintosh (Cr 13-20), Zoë Kimber (S 15-20), Maha Munir (Br 10-17), and Sophie Mackay (Cl 10-17).

It was great to listen to their insights and we are very grateful for the OVs who return each year (whether in person or virtually) to encourage and inspire the next cohort of Oxbridge OVs.

OV Tom Hale (pictured right) shared some of his top tips for interviews and says, “I’m really enjoying my time at Cambridge and am grateful to King’s for helping me to get here.

I hope that my advice about what to expect at interviews and how to prepare for them by researching who the interviewers are and their interests will also help this year’s applicants.”