King's Hawford

5 November

PA Bonfire back with a bang

It is safe to say that the PA Bonfire was back with a bang! It was wonderful to see the return of the King’s Hawford Parents’ Association Bonfire and Firework Display last night. This long standing event is extremely popular with King’s Hawford family and friends and is a brilliant example of the outstanding community spirit that exists at the school. Our last Bonfire and Firework Display was held in November 2019 and we were delighted that we were able to see its return this year.

Thanks to the efforts from our wonderful Parents’ Association we enjoyed an incredible evening which culminated in a firework display that didn’t disappoint. Gates opened at 5pm and guests, wrapped up warmly against the cold, started to arrive. The bonfire, expertly built on our lower fields by Mr Callow, was lit at 6pm by Mrs Phillips. Families and Friends of the school were treated to hot dogs and burgers and a host of refreshments. At 7pm a rousing countdown was started ahead of the first fireworks being lit. A hushed silence then spread over the field as the first few fireworks shot into the air. The silence was only punctuated by the bangs of the fireworks and gasps of awe and delight from the audience.

The firework display was magnificent and those in attendance from the youngest to the eldest were awestruck. We are extremely grateful that the event was able to take place. Particular thanks must go to the Parents’ Association, who work hard organising these wonderful events. Many members of the PA were onsite from 3pm setting up the refreshment stalls and ensuring everything was perfect ahead of the gates opening. Our dedicated school staff are also to be commended for the roles they played in ensuring the evening ran smoothly. Without our high-vis heroes, events such as these would simply not be possible. Mr Callow and Mr Vaughan work tirelessly behind the scenes on events like these ensuring that the school site is accessible and safe for all guests. We owe them a debt of gratitude for all they do.