Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at King’s is not just a complementary practice: it is a caring approach fully integrated and interwoven into the fabric of teaching and learning, the school’s organisation and its engagement with the world beyond the school gates. Through our focus on the development of the individual, we aim to provide a genuinely caring environment where young people can thrive and develop as curious and engaged members of the King’s community and a broader society. Our ethos emphasises mutual respect, openness, and warmth; it is the quality of relationships within the school that makes the pastoral care at King’s so special.

Our pastoral care, ethos and systems support the School’s aims:

That all pupils should have a fulfilling experience of school and that they should leave us thoroughly equipped for what lies ahead. This means that they should be balanced and confident individuals; able to enjoy good relationships with others; well qualified through academic achievement and fulfilment of their talents; commanding a range of life skills and enriched by a variety of interests and experiences. We also want them to be aware that the best education carries with it a duty of service. This is the ideal, but it is an ideal that most go some way towards achieving and many achieve in full. It is what we believe parents want for their children.

For further information pertaining to the Fourth Forms (Years 7and 8) or life in House then please click the link below. 

Pastoral enquiries should be referred to: Mrs Sophie Toland- Assistant Head Pastoral

If your enquiry is urgent then please call the main office on: 01905 721 700