King's Worcester

8 January

Peter Pan Theatre Trip

If the cobwebs hadn’t been blown away by the first day back, they were certainly blasted clear by Tuesday night’s Arts Award trip to see Peter Pan at the Birmingham Rep. 50 of this year’s Arts Award candidates, representing Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, travelled to Neverland for an energetic re-imagining of the classic tale. With a full range of visual artists, textile designers, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, directors, actors and writers in our group, this production was a great opportunity for them as young creative artists to see where their budding skills could take them in the arts industry. For some of our Lower Fourth pupils, it was their first ever experience of live theatre. For our Sixth Form contingent, it was an opportunity to compare with previous experiences and measure their expectations against their Gold Arts Award research.

Liam Steel’s production, which has been wowing audiences over the Christmas period, did not disappoint. The counterweighted flying was breath-taking, the imaginative junk/recycled set and props were extraordinarily clever, and the performances, particularly of Cora Tsang and Lawrence Walker playing Wendy and Peter respectively, were thoroughly engaging. The whole concept, transposed to a foster family on an inner-city estate, was poignant and yet Neverland itself was still a high-octane playground for the imagination.

As ever, King’s Worcester pupils were marvellous representatives for the School, expressing their enjoyment and enthusiasm with utter respect for the production and their fellow audience members.

The pupils will now be sharing their thoughts on the production and adding their material to their Arts Award folders. Being a passionate, knowledgeable audience at an arts event is one of the key components of the qualification at all levels so Peter Pan is going to make a vibrant contribution to their portfolios which will be assessed by Trinity College in May.