King's Worcester

21 January

Physics “Big Quiz” 2020

On Tuesday 20th January sixteen Lower Remove pupils attended the annual “Physics Big Quiz” hosted by the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Birmingham with Mrs Gamble and Dr Petchsingh. Professor Evans and Dr Smith were our quizmasters and posed six rounds of challenging questions to our budding Physicists: topics included were Waves and Energy, Temperature and Matter, Mechanics and a specialist round on Medical Physics. Our pupils did some independent research and reading around this new subject beforehand, learning about MRI, CT and PET scanners, Ultrasounds and X rays with some high-level questions posed on suitability of different imaging techniques for different medical challenges, radioisotopes and even how much radiation might be found in a bag of Brazil Nuts! Two difficult rounds were entitled “Who am I?” and “What am I?”. Keep an eye on our Physics department twitter feed @KswPhysics over the coming weeks to see how well you might do when posed with the same kind of problems!

Part of the importance of a trip like this for our young people is to introduce them to the aspiration of studying STEM subjects at top Universities and we are sure quite a few of them came away with new inspirations and ideas about Science beyond school. We even got to meet our old friend from KSW Physics, Mrs Dranfield who came out of her Space lab (she is now part way through her PhD searching for Exo planets) to meet us briefly in the afternoon – a real life astrophysicist in the flesh!