King's Worcester

9 February

Lower Remove Success at the Physics Big Quiz

On Friday 4th February, 15 Lower Remove pupils travelled to the University of Birmingham for the annual ‘Physics Big Quiz’.

Last year it had to be done online due to the pandemic so it was great to have returned to the University this year.

The competition has taken place every year since 2005, with the Physics Big Quiz requiring Year 9 teams consisting of 4 students per team to answer questions over six topics. The event took place in the Great Hall on the University Campus, with prizes and trophies for the winning teams and schools.

The teams battled it out over six rounds that covered ‘Sound & Vibration’, ‘Kinematics’, ‘What am I?’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Properties of Materials’ and then finally the specialist round on ‘Astrophysics’.

In addition, at the end of each round, there was a spot prize question where the students with the nearest (or correct) answer would win.

It was really good to show the levels of commitment from King’s pupils, as every year when we go, we are always able to put four teams forward.

It was fantastic to be back in person at the University of Birmingham with the pupils competing doing the school very proud. Well done to the team of Elizabeth S, Jack B, Ollie R and John E for winning a spot prize in the first round, and also to the team of Sonali P, Dan A, Bryony G and Pranav M who came third overall!

Physics Big Quiz 2022

In fact, having received all of the scores back from the organiser, although just one of our teams made a podium place with a total of 47 points, all of the King’s teams finished within two points of each other so all four teams performed really well on the day out of a total of 49 teams that were there from a total of 18 schools from around the West Midlands area.

Congratulations to all the pupils involved in the Physics Big Quiz on their excellent achievements!

Physics Big Quiz 2022

Below sees one question from each round that our physicists faced, how would you do?

‘Sound & Vibration’

The speed of sound in air is 331 m/s at 0 Celsius. If the speed of sound increases by 0.6 m/s for every degree above 0 Celsius, what is the speed of sound in a room with a temperature of 21 Celsius?

A)343 m/s  B) 343.6 m/s  C) 345 m/s  D) 353.6 m/s


What is the net downward force on a falling 1 kg ball if it experiences 2 N of air resistance?

A) 2N  B) 10 N  C) 8 N  D) 12N

What am I?

I was first discovered in 1995. I form in the same way that stars form from collapsing clouds of gas and dust. I am too small to become a star and too large to called a planet. What am I?

Who am I?

I am a British Chemist and Astronaut. I became the first Western European woman in space, and I was also the first woman to visit the ‘Mir’ space station back in 1991. Who am I?

Materials and Properties of Matter

Which of these is the best electrical conductor?

A) Copper B) Rubber C) Gold D) Aluminium


Which of these is NOT a dwarf planet?

A) Pluto B) Ceres, C) Eris D) Titan


Question 1: B) 343.6 m/s

Question 2: C) 8 N

Question 3: Brown Dwarf

Question 4: Helen Sharman

Question 5: C) Gold

Question 6: D) Titan