King's Hawford

30 March

Pizza Party Fun

On Tuesday morning our Reception class children were joined by the children from King’s St Alban’s Reception class for a morning of fun and pizza making. The morning kicked off with an Easter Egg hunt around the lower field. Hidden around the field were broken eggs, each with a distinctive pattern. The children had to find matching pairs to piece the egg together to win a chocolate egg!

After the Easter Egg hunt, our Reception children spent time getting to know their guests. Children could choose between a range of activities including climbing on the traversing wall, building with the Duplo, drawing and colouring inside the tipi and games of tag on the field.

Alongside these activities children were called in small groups to make their very own pizzas! Children had to roll out their own dough before choosing their own toppings and adding them to their dough base.

Once all of the pizzas were ready, the children took it in turns to put their pizzas in the pizza oven, ably assisted by Miss Lane.

One by one the children popped their pizzas into the oven before waiting patiently on the mats for the pizza to cook. Once ready, the children inhaled every crumb of their pizza. The pride and satisfaction on their faces was clear to see. Well done Reception!

Once every morsel of pizza had been eaten the children were treated to some lovely biscuits which had been hand made and hand decorated by the children from King’s St Alban’s. All that was left once the biscuits had been devoured was for the children to have one final play with their new friends.

It was wonderful to see all of the children from the two schools playing so nicely together. Seeing them all running around and enjoying each others company was a delight. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting the children and staff from King’s St Alban’s and look forward to seeing them all again soon.