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25 October

Podium Position for OV Race Team

We promised a follow-up on OV George Blakeway (H 76-86)’s exciting role as a competitor in the 2019 Clipper Round the World Race for the Ha Long Bay team, and here it is!

George says, “Our second race was a 6,500-mile leg across the Atlantic from Portugal to Uruguay. The crossing took 29 days and we finished on the podium in an amazing third place. The highlights were sailing through the Lorenzo storm, crossing the equator which also involved a traditional ceremony, a 24-hour electrical storm and finally only 800 miles from our destination in the middle of the night we hit a whale. An immediate inspection of our keel and rudder reassured us that there was no major damage and I just hope the whale was okay too!

Ocean racing is as much a test of endurance as it is of seamanship. Racing the boat for four hours then four hours “sleep”, I’ve lost over a stone but made lifelong friends, collected some incredible experiences and added to my professional knowledge for my Leadership and Team Performance business. Team Ha Long Bay have now just set off from Uruguay to Cape Town with some new crew joining and I’ll be cheering them on.”

Well done George on an incredible journey!