King's St Alban's

23 October

KSA Poetry Recitation Competition

According to Martha, Her Elephant Thinks She’s Wonderful, Will’s Teacher Likes Minecraft, Jack’s Puppy Makes Pizza and as Scarlett explained – in poetic form, with a bit of help from Spike Milligan –  Smiling Is Infectious. Such was the mind-boggling range of poems recited by our children in this year’s poetry recitation competition.

Our adjudicator, Mr Maund, Head of English at King’s Senior, was delighted both by the poetry choices and the standard of delivery from youngest to oldest pupils. Our Year 3 finalists radiated enjoyment as they performed their poems to the part-live, part-remote audience in the John Moore Theatre. They set a high standard. And as we made our poetic journey through to Year 6, the level of performance only increased with age and experience. Our Year 6 children reflected on the merits of The Letter A, worried about the ‘What Ifs’ of life, laughed at the Silly Old Baboon and wondered at The Second Coming.

In the end, after some very thoughtful and helpful comments by Mr Maund, there had to be a winner! This year, Armstrong House came away with victory. The whole event proved a most enjoyable and absorbing end to our half term. Well done to everybody, from those who set the pace in the first round to the fliers in the final.