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23 October

Poetry with a digital-age twist!

It is great to hear stories of our OVs being creative and we are feeling very inspired after hearing about OV Rosie Pugh (Cl 04-11)’s digital-age poetry project…

“I am a Content Marketing Manager at a digital marketing agency in London, and I love the creativity that I get to exercise in my job. There is a tendency for creative writers to scorn the kind of commercial copywriting that is necessary in the realm of digital marketing. I was struck by the number of writers online who are under the impression that SEO (search engine optimisation) kills creativity for writers because they can never get their poetry websites to rank in search engines.

I decided to attempt to write some “SEO poetry” that is specifically optimised to rank for a set of chosen key phrases using tried-and-tested search intent modelling – i.e. the ideal length, including search queries and search intent indicators, and an optimised meta description. You can read this thought experiment here.

In August I took the experiment one step further by creating a poetry blog, and populating it with original poetry written from a specific keyword-based prompt. The idea is to get those poems to rank in search engines – and I’m already seeing some amazing results!

If you would like to try your hand at writing SEO poetry, I would love to hear from you – feel free to email me on  ”

As well as enjoying Rosie’s great poetry this week we were also delighted to discover that Rosie and her team at Passion Digital have been nominated for the International Content Marketing Awards in the “Best Content Team” category. Congratulations Rosie!