King's St Alban's

31 January

Pre Prep Christingle Service in Worcester Cathedral

Pre Prep pupils wow audience with their heartfelt Christingle Service in Worcester Cathedral.

Pre-Prep love opportunities to come together and invite families and friends to share what they have been learning about. Whether this is a class assembly, a concert or our nativity, there is always an excited buzz before these occasions.

This week the children have been finishing their preparations for their Christingle service. They have been busy rehearsing their songs with Mrs Gunter for a few weeks now and have been singing their hearts out to ‘The Christingle Song’, ‘Like a Candle Flame’ and ‘This Little Light of Mine’. The children learned the significance of the different elements of a Christingle and they found out about the charity, ‘The Children’s Society‘, that we raise money for. Whilst making our own Christingles, we did of course unselfishly sample a few sweets to check that they are OK! Oliver said “We had to be careful when we were putting the sweets on the cocktail sticks as some of them broke. We had enough left over at the end for us to share. They were delicious!”

The service took place in the quire of Worcester Cathedral on Friday afternoon. It is always a wonderful place to hold the service as it offers a chance for reflection in an amazingly spiritual building. The children raised the roof with their beautiful singing throughout the service and the speakers clearly and confidently spoke about the meaning of Christingle. Katy Hadfield, Assistant Head, Pre-Prep, commented: “The children enjoyed the opportunity to see their Christingles lit and we were so proud of how sensible they were. It was wonderful having our friends in Nursery coming to help us celebrate. All of the children went home with slightly bare looking Christingles but happy with their wonderful singing. Well done, Pre-Prep. It was a fantastic service and lovely end to the week! Thank you to everyone who made the service possible”.