King's St Alban's

26 January

Pre-prep Fireman visit

Reception have had another busy week learning about fire firefighters and how they help us by keeping us safe. A team from Worcester fire station came to visit the children on Wednesday. They spoke to the children about the equipment they need to put out fires and also how they stay safe themselves. Mrs Thorp got to try on a fire fighters uniform with mask and air tank (it was very heavy!) and the children learnt how to use a thermal imaging machine to detect people in a smoky room. The highlight of the morning for the children though was having a look at the fire engine and playing with the fire hoses! The children have been so inspired by all our visitors so far, they are starting to write some beautiful books about what we have learnt so far in this exciting topic about all the wonderful people that help us. A great weeks learning again for Reception! We are so grateful to all our visitors.