King's St Alban's

10 March

Pre-Prep pupils discover their green fingers!

This week the pupils in our Pre-Prep have discovered their green fingers,  focusing on all the wonderful gardening that has been taking place over the last couple of weeks in Forest School. Tucked away behind the Forest School area is a gardening area that we have spent the last couple of weeks preparing, planting up the three raised beds.

The children have all worked hard to weed the beds (they were very overgrown!) and particularly enjoyed using the trowels to dig out the big roots! We also found lots of juicy worms along the way. Most of the children were confident to hold the worms and some of them held one for the first time.

This week, the children have planted their beds. Nursery are growing radish and courgettes, Reception are growing salad leaves and Year 1 have planted carrots and spring onions. We are hoping that by the end of the summer term our plants will have grown and we will be able to taste our produce. Some children weren’t sure about trying some of the vegetables that we’ve planted but they’ve been assured it’s all delicious if you’ve grown it by yourself!

The children all have an excellent understanding of what they need to do to look after their plants and even the youngest Nursery children were keen to water their seeds. We have been really impressed with how the children have persevered with such a big task and just how much they enjoyed getting their hands dirty.  We just have to hope now for many sunny and days and some rain to help us along. Watch this space!