King's St Alban's

6 July

Pre-Prep Sports day success!

The Pre-Prep Sports Day is always an eagerly anticipated event that provides a fun-filled and exciting opportunity for our children to demonstrate the sporting progress they have made this year.

In colourful team colours, pupils participated in events including running, skipping, monkey-walking and bucket and spade carrying! This was followed by team field events including target throwing, endurance shuttles and long jump.

The final event of the Sports Day afternoon was the team obstacle relay. With smiles on their faces, the children cheered each other on as they climbed through hoops, walked along beams and dodged between cones.

We are very fortunate to have a team of talented and enthusiastic PE teachers; Miss Woodger, Mrs Clark, Miss Jordan and Mrs Knott have worked tirelessly in improving each and every child’s sporting skills this year. A special thank you must go to Miss Jordan and Miss Cartwright for organising this fantastic afternoon.

I am sure you will agree the children all did exceptionally well, cheered on by their fellow pupils and our ever supportive parents! This year we even held our first ever nursery race, with the very youngest children in our school keen to participate in this memorable day.