King's Worcester

5 January

Psychology A level launches at King’s

Here at King’s Worcester, we have expanded our curriculum and created a new role to start in the next academic term. For the first time, our Sixth Form will offer A level Psychology for our students.  

The introduction of Psychology to the curriculum bolsters its commitment to providing a wide range of learning opportunities for students. Our Sixth Form now provides more than 25 academic subjects, including Economics, Business, Computing, PE and Politics.  

Mrs Beever said: “The introduction of Psychology is an exciting development in our long-term plans for our Sixth Form. We are currently reviewing our curriculum and developing new and innovative teaching and learning strategies to enhance the learning experience and opportunities for all of our pupils.”  

We seek to create an environment that fosters the intellectual curiosity that will lead to a lifelong love of learning. Pupils across the foundation of schools perform exceptionally well academically. In 2019, more than 40% of our Sixth Form results were graded at A* – A and close to 70% achieved A* – B.  

The introduction of the new subject has also allowed us to create a new role. We have now recruited a Head of Psychology to lead and develop a dynamic new department. The two-year course will cover a wide range of topics ranging from cognitive, psychopathology and mental illness. Psychology will be available for students to study from September 2021. 

Mr Doodes said: “At King’s, we’re committed to blending tradition with a modern and successful approach to learning. Our history dates back to the 7th Century, but we have always implemented a forward-looking approach. I’m delighted to be introducing a new subject to our vast Sixth Form curriculum, as well as introducing a new member of staff to our diverse school community. We’re looking forward to working closely with the new Head of Psychology to harness the increased demand for cognitive subjects and provide even more opportunities for our students.”