King's Worcester

11 January

Pupils assist with Covid Vaccines

Three inspirational King’s pupils have been making the most of their spare time during lockdown by helping GP’s in Worcestershire to roll out the COVID-19 Vaccine Scheme. 

Charlie Waddington (L6, B), Olivia Sproule (UR, Cl) and Harry Sproule (L6, Ch) have regularly been working 8-hour shifts, helping direct, guide, seat and look after patients called up to have their vaccinations, leaving the doctors free to carry out what they do best… and resulting in more vaccinations all round.

Last Saturday the students were part of a team that managed to vaccinate 1200 Over 80’s in just one day! Their hard work doesn’t stop there; they are already booked into volunteer again twice this week and are hoping to repeat the success & help the NHS vaccinate another 1000 people at each of these sessions.

Dr Gemma Moore, who heads up four of Worcestershire’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics said “The students all worked exceptionally hard, had fantastic manners and were wonderful at helping patients. They spent the day directing people through the building, giving out key information to patients, opening and closing doors, assisting people who were not very mobile, pushing wheelchairs and even directing cars in the car park! They also provided clinical staff with much-needed cups of tea and coffee to keep them going. They were wonderful advocates for King’s and very much played part of the team effort.”

It has been a great experience for all three students, and an excellent use of their spare time during Lockdown, Olivia has said that “I like to volunteer because of the way the NHS have helped us during this pandemic” and Harry stating “the more I help out, the more people the doctors and nurses are able to vaccinate’

Headmaster , Mr Doodes has praised the students for their involvement ”

The pace of the vaccine programme is impressive and it’s equally impressive to hear of pupils involved and playing their part in support of the rollout” I would like to commend Harry, Charlie & Olivia for their initiative in volunteering to help out with such an important cause, and congratulate them for all their hard work. Everyone at King’s is very proud.