King's St Alban's

12 February

Pupils explore Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday morning pupils marked Safer Internet Day 2020 with an informative peer led assembly. Safer Internet Day (SID) is an extremely important day for school’s to mark considering the ease of access our pupils currently have to the internet. Safer Internet Day started as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004, before being taken up by the Insafe networks in 2005. Safer Internet Day is now celebrated in approximately 160 countries worldwide having outgrown its traditional geographic zone. The day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues. from cyber-bullying to social networking, and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns. This years theme was Together for a better internet. The day was a great opportunity to spark a conversation about the safe and responsible use of technology, and to inspire young people to create a better internet for the future.

6KB definitely sparked conversation as they delivered an engaging talk to the Junior School showcasing the information they had recently learnt in their IT class. The assembly started with a brief history of the internet. Pupils were shocked to learn that the internet was a fairly new concept and the world wide web has only existed since 1980!

The theme of the assembly was online identity and 6KB took great delight in sharing with their peers how they like to use the internet. Following on from this they discussed how we are all unique and how this is ultimately reflected in our online identity. In most cases, an online identity reflects who a person is offline. However connectivity, expression and individualism are all factors that play into a user’s content. Therefore users create online identities and in turn, are influenced by their audiences and the response they receive. Pupils were then able to discuss what is ok to share online and what is not ok to share. To further emphasis this point 6KB then showed what would be acceptable to share online.

If parents would like any further information about ways  to keep children safe online Safer Internet have a Top Tips for Parents section on their website which can be accessed here. 

The SSafer Internet Day 2020

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