King's St Alban's

16 February

Pupils explore the journey of water.

Pupils in Year 3 and Year 4 were delighted to welcome Severn Trent Water into school earlier this week. They were enthralled to discover where all our water comes from and to discover the journey of water.

Our visitor from Severn Trent Water not only explained the journey of water from its sources but also where the water is cleaned. As they listened to an explanation of the role of a water treatment plant, pupils were amazed to learn that it takes just three hours to turn water from the river into the drinking water in all of our water bottles. Pupils were even more amazed to find out that sewage water, going via the sewage treatment plant, takes just twenty-four hours to become safe drinking water.

Stressing the idea that you cannot make water, you can only recycle it, pupils looked at the water cycle with Year 4 pupils keen to share their existing knowledge of the subject, having covered the topic in their science lessons. Pupils in Year 3, meanwhile, grasped the opportunity to dress up to help explain the history of water and how water was used and treated from prehistoric, Egyptian, Roman, Medieval, Tudor and Victorian times through to the present day!

The assembly concluded with an explanation of how precious our water is, because only 1% of the water on the planet is fresh. The children played ‘spot the difference’, spotting the difference that people can make to their daily routines in order to conserve water. Parents can expect their children to be taking quicker showers after discovering a ten minute shower uses ninety litres as opposed to thirty-six litres for a four minute shower! And you can remind them to turn the tap off whilst brushing their teeth to save an extra ten litres.

A huge thank you to Severn Trent Water for visiting and for such an informative and thought provoking assembly; we are certain that our pupils have taken away a number of key messages.