King's St Alban's

25 November

Pupils grow their minds once again.

From the youngest King’s St Alban’s children in Nursery to our oldest Year 6 pupils, last weekend all were set the challenge to grow their minds with each and every one embracing their GYM (Grow Your Mind) homework! As everyone impressed their teachers with a vast array of imaginative and varied projects.

The children in Nursery loved getting outdoors over the weekend. Making the most of the glorious autumnal weather, many of the children enjoyed long family walks in their wellies – kicking up autumn leaves as they stomped along was a particular favourite. There were also reports of exciting visits to rugby matches, success when trying new foods, and there were lots of extra helpers in the kitchen!

The Pre-prep children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their projects with teachers and friends alike, from making marble runs, musical rain sticks or numerical codes to a junk modelling boat, a model of the ‘Owl Babies’ story, not to mention a cosy reading den and a detailed PowerPoint of a magical trip to an enchanted forest! Some of the Pre-Prep children demonstrated their love of adventure with amazing high wire, treetop walks and zip-lines, as well as a courageous leap of faith from the top of a climbing platform. It goes without saying that the staff at King’s St Alban’s love seeing the children develop their growth mindset attributes of risk-taking and determination when undertaking these activities.

In the Prep school the quality of the projects coming through the school gates on Monday morning was fantastic. There were many notable art pieces, such as a beautiful oil painting of a view of the Malvern Hills, a stunning recreation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and a very life-like portrait of Mr Chapman. The pupils demonstrated their knowledge of current affairs with an eye catching poster encouraging awareness of environmental issues and a papier-mâché earth inspired by COP 26. They always enjoy the opportunity to follow their own interests during a GYM weekend. A superb example of this was an amazingly detailed poster about terraforming as well as a very well constructed piñata named Whizzy, complete with sweets!

Well done to all of our imaginative pupils who continue to amaze the teachers and staff with their creations time and time again. We look forward to seeing pupils grow their minds with more GYM creations in the new year!