King's St Alban's

11 February

Pupils ignite a passion for numbers!

Last week pupils across King’s St Alban’s celebrated a hugely successful NSPCC Number Day.

With the pupils coming into school sporting their favourite ‘number’ item of clothing from t-shirts and jumpers to hats and socks, there were numbers everywhere! The pupils made a small donation in exchange for wearing their number, raising funds for vital services such as Childline – the helpline that’s always there for children and young people, whatever their problem or concern.

The day started with our Headmaster, Mr Chapman’s assembly, where he shared his own personal stories involving numbers. The children listened to Mr Chapman telling them about a typical bike ride and they had to count the number of numbers mentioned – I hope that they were concentrating! He demonstrated how numbers are so important to us in our daily lives and give meaning and value to the everything we do.

The day’s lessons were carefully planned with number in mind, allowing the children to experience number in so many different ways. The activities varied and there was a real buzz about the school. The tasks included: treasure hunts outside on the quad, Chinese number puzzles, Fibonacci numbers, code cracking and identifying pH numbers in the science lab.

There is no doubt that the children had a wonderful day, with one Year 1 pupil commenting, “Numbers are great fun; I love them!” whilst a Year 3 pupil added, “Maths has never been my favourite subject but it might have to be now!” Further up the school a Year 6 pupil enthused, “We discovered how numbers and maths are used in the Winter Olympics, measuring angles on ski slaloms before playing a game of (table) curling so that we could keep the score!”

Well done to everyone who was involved in such an exciting day, which not only ignited our pupils’ passion for numbers but raised over £200, which we will be donating to the NSPCC – amazing!