King's St Alban's

18 June

Pupils plan COVID time capsule

COVID has had such an impact on all of our lives over the past 15 months. Our children especially have had to adapt to new ways of learning, socialising and living in general and it is definitely a time that we won’t forget. When Year 5 pupil Eddie U, made the wonderful suggestion of creating COVID time capsules the staff at King’s St Alban’s were keen to get involved. It was decided that each year group would create a capsule that will be opened when they leave King’s Senior School at the end of the Upper Sixth.

Over the past two weeks, the children in the Prep School have come up with ideas of what should be included in the capsule. These range from face masks and hand sanitiser to zoom screenshots and drawings of rainbows. The children have also decided to write letters to their future selves as a reminder of their own personal experiences of living during a global pandemic. Other brilliant ideas included drawing around their hands and feet to remind themselves what size they were, information about who was in their lockdown bubble and class photos.

This is such an exciting project to be involved in and we look forward to 2028 when our current Year 6 pupils will open their time capsule as Upper Sixth Leavers!