Foundation News

7 September

Pupils, Staff and OVs Shine at Worcester 10km & Half Marathon

Over the weekend many staff, students and OVs participated in the Worcester 10k and Half Marathon events.

Congratulations to Evie H-J (L6, Br) for her impressive performance in the Worcester 10km. Evie came third in the female standings, with a time of 41:52. This is an outstanding achievement as this was Evie’s first race and she was the youngest among many senior runners. Evie really enjoyed the event due to the amazing atmosphere with people cheering all around the course and commented, “I am now very driven to better my 10km time in future events!”

Phoebe M, Ella P and Sophie P also competed in the Worcester City U16s, with Phoebe coming sixth and Sophie and Ella coming fifteenth and twenty-first respectively. Congratulations to all on their performances!

A number of members of staff competed in the Worcester Half Marathon, including three members of the Physics Department, Mr Knights, Mr Hooper and Mr Pearson, Mr Knights finishing first of the three with a time of 02:02:52.

The physics team were fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation.

Mr Pearson explained, “The Half Marathon was enjoyable but tough, especially for a novice runner like me. I started running during lockdown, and somehow got roped into doing a Half Marathon with my colleagues. I trained a little bit during the summer holidays but had run the distance in February around the river. It was harder than expected due to the warm weather, but the American Road Trip Anthems I listened to certainly got me through the steeper gradients. The crowd were very supportive, and I was very pleased to finish in a respectable time. 8/10 would enter a race again (in the distant future).”

Mr Ward also took part as well to provide some encouragement and moral support to Team Physics along the way. Mr Ward hadn’t run a half marathon since 2017 so was intrigued to see how his fitness had changed! In the future, Mr Ward would like to run for one of the UK Diabetes charities as his son has Type 1 Diabetes.

OVs Kieran and Jamie McGee took part in the Worcester 10km in aid of Cancer Research, along with their godfather and father. Kieran said, “My mum was originally signed up to run the Worcester 10k but four weeks before the event, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This left my brother and I, who had never run more than a few kilometres, to complete the race in support of our mother and all the other people who have been affected by cancer, patients and families alike. We are all very grateful for the incredible funds we raised for cancer research”.