King's Worcester

17 March

RAF cadets are flying high!

Eight cadets from the RAF section went to RAF Cosford on March 15th for their first opportunity to fly since November 2019! The weather was ideal for flying and after an early start to get them there, all cadets got to fly with an instructor in the RAF Grob Tutor light aircraft.

Each cadet was able to fly for between 45 minutes to an hour where they were able to put into practice their principles of flight theory, which is part of their RAF training syllabus which they learn on Friday afternoons, e.g. the primary effects of flying controls.

There were some cadets who got to do aerobatics as well which included several loops and stall turns!

RAF are flying high!

Under the supervision of the instructor, they also had a go at trying to fly the manoeuvres themselves. All the cadets really enjoyed this unique opportunity.

Fifth form pupil Sehar A, comments “This was the first time I’d done a flying day and I’m so glad I signed up for it. The best part of the day was flying on my own with the flight instructor. The instructor literally gave me the controls mid-flight and then told me how to do a loop myself. It was incredible. It made me feel a bit funny, but they had prepared us well in terms of knowing what to expect with G force. It has really inspired me to sign up to more of the RAF flying days, it was such fun and I learnt so much.”

RAF are flying high! 1

(Fifth form pupil Sehar A pictured)

We certainly have our fingers crossed for the weather when we go again in June.