King's Hawford

29 October

Rainforest man visits Year 4

Our Year 4 children have been loving learning more about the rainforest and the sorts of animals that live there. To bring this topic to life, we invited our local ‘Rainforest Man’, Paul Carpenter, to join us and inspire the children even more!

Paul Carpenter has been keeping and breeding insects and spiders since the age of five, and his travels include the rainforests of Borneo, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ghana to study the habits and habitats of insects and spiders.

Last week, he came to our school to show off a whole host of creatures, including insects and reptiles. While the children were wowed by the animals and insects inside their classroom, we learn about what they are and how they have adapted over the years to survive in their natural habitats.

Paul also brought some videos for us to watch that he’d taken on his travels around the world. This gave our children a glimpse of what a rainforest environment is like.

We believe that children learn from a range of experiences, which is why we’re committed to introducing a range of experts and visitors to join our school where possible to bring our vast curriculum to life.