King's Hawford

1 April

Ready Steady Bake!

The Hawford Bake Off returned this week. Our older pupils in the Prep School were tasked with creating Brownies. Our Pre-Prep pupils were tasked with baking cookies. The children were invited to be as creative as they wished.

On Monday all of the creations were presented to the judging panel, which consisted of House Captains and members of staff. All of the judges thoroughly enjoyed sampling the wonderful creations. The brownies and cookies were judged on their taste and appearance. There were some brilliant entries and the judges really did have a tough job (if you can call eating yummy brownies and cookies tough!). After much consideration (and taste testing), the judges came to a unanimous decision.

Congratulations to each of our House winners. Well done to Johnnie, Harriet, Olivia and Oscar, who were our Prep School winners, and Jasmine, Olive, Elsa and Ariana, who were our Pre-Prep winners. All eights winners were invited to bake again on Thursday in a thrilling final bake off!

After the winners were announced, all of the wonderful brownies and cookies were transported to the outdoor classroom, where they were sold for 50p each. The outdoor classroom smelled delicious and a queue quickly formed. All of the money raised will be split between our school charities.

On Thursday our eight winning bakers demonstrated their winning cookery skills by recreating the same items they produced earlier in the heats. First up were our Pre-Prep winners. Each of the grand finalists arrived at The Barn armed with their ingredients, recipes and cooking utensils. Mrs Marshall-Walker set them off with the standard: “On your marks, get set, BAKE!”. The pupils quickly set to work making their cookies ready for the oven. Once all of the cookie creations were in the oven, the bakers spent time clearing up their cooking stations.

Once they cookies were out of the oven and had been suitably cooled with some vigorous wafting, it was time to introduce the judges. The judges for this year’s grand final were Mrs Elliott and Mrs Shukla. Our judges spoke with each of the finalists about why they had chosen their recipe, what ingredients they had used and how they felt the baking had gone. The judges also taste-tested each of the cookies. It’s a tough job but someone had to do it!

After the judging had taken place Mrs Elliott and Mrs Shukla had a brief confab before returning to announce their winner. The winner of the 2022 Pre-Prep Hawford Bake was Elsa! Elsa impressed the judges with her Terry’s chocolate orange cookies!

After a short break our Prep finalists arrived in The Barn to set up for their brownie bake! Mrs Marshall-Walker set them off and our four finalists started work on their brownie creations. Once ready they were loaded into the oven. The finalists, those watching via Zoom and the staff in The Barn waited in anticipation for the brownies to bake. The Barn was quickly filled with the delicious aroma of brownies baking.

Once all of the brownies were out of the oven and had been cooled and cut up, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Shukla began to sample each of the brownies. All of the brownies looked absolutely divine and when Mrs Shukla was called away Mrs Phillips was more than happy to step up to the role of judge!

It was a very tough decision, however the star baker and Prep winner of the Hawford Bake Off 2022 was Johnnie! Johnnie’s chilli brownies were perfectly cooked, had a nice consistency and just the right amount of chilli!

Well done to all of our finalists and to all those who took part this year!