King's St Alban's

22 April

Ready, Steady, Grow!

Reception has returned to school with their usual enthusiasm and eagerness to learn! This half of our term our topic is ‘Ready, Steady, Grow.’ The children have come up with lots of ideas about our topic and they will be learning how to look after living plants, flowers and creatures. The children have enjoyed planting lettuce, carrots, sunflowers and flowers. They have taken the responsibility for watering their plants very seriously and have so far shown great maturity looking after them and making sure that they have enough sunlight and water to grow and survive. This week has also been hugely exciting due to the arrival of some chick eggs and again, Reception have been very eager to learn about the incubation process; we are now on a 21-day countdown, so watch this space for new arrivals!

As always, we are so incredibly proud of Reception for their ‘can do’ attitude in all of their learning.