King's St Alban's

11 November

Reception class parents go back to school

On Wednesday Reception invited their parents to go back to school and attend a ‘Share With Me Workshop’ hosted by the pupils themselves. It was such a special occasion for the children and their Mummies and Daddies!

The morning’s event started with a ‘bag of sounds’ phonics game, where the children impressively displayed a great knowledge of their letter sounds and some superb blending of words. The children also showed how good they have become at sitting on the carpet, listening carefully to instructions and taking turns. A great start to the session!

Parents were then guided around the bright, spacious Reception classroom and out into the dedicated Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outdoor playground in order to take part in a number of exciting activities and games. It was impressive to witness the confidence the children displayed demonstrating to their parents their favourite activities; some chose painting, others built brick towers whilst ordering numbers to 20 and others wrote words to match objects, to name but a few. The whole place buzzed with enthusiastic, excitable pupils (and parents!).

The Reception team of teachers and classroom assistants are so incredibly proud of all of the children and how they demonstrated just some of the brilliant skills they have learnt since starting school in September, only 8 weeks ago!

The morning finished off with “Tickly Rain”, our end of day song, and then the children happily all said their goodbyes and waved their parents off for the day.  We are so proud Reception for being so confident and for enthusiastically sharing some of the wonderful learning they do at school. Well done to all of our Reception pupils, this is a great start to your educational journey at King’s Worcester.