King's St Alban's

29 January

Reception embrace remote learning hands-on

Lockdown 3.0 has not stopped Reception children engaging with their play-based curriculum and embrace remote learning at home hands-on. We are very grateful for the trust and support from parents which has meant that the children’s active learning has continued to flourish at home.

The Reception curriculum is play-based and the children are learning through their topics which so far this term have been about winter, dinosaurs and now the focus is on different traditional fairy tales. The children have continued to work really hard in phonics, learning new digraphs and have produced some super writing. With these new letter sounds they have learned to write letters from Goldilocks to the bears to apologise for eating their porridge. In Maths the children have been focusing on counting, doubling numbers, writing number sentences and this week they have been finding out about capacity and weighing ingredients for delicious cupcakes. The Reception children are showing they really embrace remote learning at home, proving that they are adaptable, resilient and independent learners.

Reception continues to work as a team to fill their class reward ‘bear jar’ for fantastic listening, a super attitude and through kindness shown towards each other. This week they celebrated filling their bear jar by baking together live online, followed by a live virtual party in the afternoon with games, dancing and of course eating their cupcakes!

We have received a very positive and reassuring response from Reception parents to our recent remote learning survey and are making tweaks to our remote provision to make it even better.

“Seeing Mrs Thorp and Mrs Hadfield’s cheerful faces in the mornings keeps continuity and adds cheer to her morning. Huge and massive thanks to all the staff involved in her lessons, they are optimistic, cheerful and wonderful.” Reception Parent.

The fact that she is able to continue her phonics and maths in live lessons with her teacher means that she is making fantastic progress

Reception parent

“Our daughter has loved speaking to her class and her teachers every weekday during lockdown. Her writing, in particular, has come on so much in the past few weeks and we couldn’t be more grateful to her teachers for their help with this. The mix of live sessions and pre-recorded videos every day is perfect to fit around our own work commitments and we are so grateful to her teachers for their flexibility, understanding and enthusiasm!”

“We are so proud of Reception. We know that working from home feels very different, but the children have risen to the challenge and they have amazed us with their flexibility and positivity. It has been wonderful to have daily live sessions with Reception to hear their news and see the fantastic attitude they have towards their learning continue at home. They have shown so much enthusiasm towards our topics and we have had so much fun filling up our bear jar for an online class treat!” Mrs Hadfield, Assistant Head, Pre-Prep