King's St Alban's

25 June

Reception enjoy walking journey

Reception had a wonderful morning on Monday. In connection with their topic ‘Journeys and Holidays’ they went on a walking journey to the Diglis Miniature Steam trains. On their walk they visited Rudy’s house boat. The children loved learning about how the boat works and having Rudy and his daddy give them a tour inside the boat. We are so grateful to Rudy’s daddy for giving up his time to show us their home and for letting the children all have a go at beeping the horn! After our exciting first adventure we then walked along the river to the miniature railway. The children learnt how electric and steam trains work and then had the most fabulous time riding on four different trains. Mr Chapman also joined Reception for a circuit of the track, much to the excitement of the children! Hearing the children’s squeals of delight and laughter was just wonderful.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful places and points of interest on our doorstop and the children were just delighted to experience it all on our walking journey. After our exhilarating rides on the trains, we had a lovely picnic and played in the Diglis park. We are so proud of the children. They behaved beautifully throughout and were an absolute pleasure to watch. Thank you again to Rudy’s daddy and to the many people that assisted at the miniature railway. The whole morning really was a memorable experience for all.