King's Hawford

5 November

Reception – rested, recharged and ready to learn

Reception have returned from the half term break rested, recharged and ready to learn! After two weeks off, it has been wonderful to have Reception back in the classroom; the children have quickly settled into their routines and all are eager to continue where they left off. It has been a busy week for the children and we have squeezed a lot into five days!

This week introduced the children to Diwali – the Festival of Lights. A lot of our learning has been centred around the festival. The children started off the week with the story of Rama and Sita; this inspired role play sessions where the children explored the story further.

Tuesday marked the return to Forest School. There was plenty of child-initiated learning as groups split off to sweep leaves, dig for dinosaur bones, climb trees or swing on the rope swing. In between the free play the children took it in turns to make their very own diya lamps out of clay and sequins. Miss Willis and Miss Lane demonstrated how to shape the lumps of clay and each Reception child had a go at making and decorating their own lamps.

After the excitement of Forest School it was off to the Library Bus, where the children returned books they had preciously borrowed and chose new ones for the week. The weekly visit to the Library Bus is always popular with the children. After selecting their new book, the children listened to stories aboard the bus before returning to the classroom.

As part of their learning about Diwali the children have had a go at creating their own Rangoli patterns, making traditional jewellery and cooking (and sampling) traditional Diwali sweets. In addition to sampling these, Reception also tried a variety of traditional Diwali foods and used a grid to record which foods they each liked and which they weren’t so keen on.

In addition to learning about Diwali, Reception have also been working hard on their writing skills, phonics and numbers. The focus this week has been on CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). The children are becoming more confident at sounding out and blending letters and we are extremely proud of their efforts. In Maths the focus has been on the number 4, looking at its value and how it can be made using other numbers.

This week in Swimming it was great to see some of our less confident swimmers developing their skills and becoming more relaxed in the pool. Mrs Beech was very impressed with a couple of the children in particular who braved putting their faces in the water! In Games the children have been working on their ball skills, with lots of throwing and catching practice. It is safe to say there were a number of runaway tennis balls throughout the lesson but all of the children improved as the session progressed. We finished with some relay races and it was great to see the children working well in their teams and encouraging one another.

Some of the children took part in RugbyTots on Thursday afternoon with Coach Catherine; it is always great to see our younger pupils out on the rugby pitches having fun. Spirits were high as our Rugbytots enjoyed rugby themed games designed to get the children looking for space and using their footwork to dodge other players.

Mrs Hughes has made a start on the Nativity songs with each of the Reception classes and we have already overheard a number of the children singing the songs around the classroom. These songs will be stuck in all of our heads in no time! The excitement for the Nativity and Christmas is already growing.

The week has concluded with a Diwali party! The children have really enjoyed this mini topic and the party was a fitting way to end the week. Miss Lane and Miss Willis are both very proud of the effort that all of the children have put in this week. We can’t wait to hear more from Reception over the next few weeks and see what they have been learning.