King's St Alban's

1 July

Reception Share with Me

This week, as the academic year draws to a close, our Reception class invited their parents into Forest School for a ‘Share with Me’ workshop.

The children happily sang ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in French with Mrs Stenson and even got their parents on their feet to join in! Next, each child shared their favourite memory of Reception. Hatching the chicks and our trip to ‘All Things Wild’ were stand out favourites in what has been a very memorable first year of school. The children finished their performance by singing ‘Spring Chicken’. Every child spoke and sang confidently even though it was the first time the children had stood in front of a live audience and they more than rose to the occasion.

Afterwards, the children shared their Reception books with their guests and completed the maths and phonics activities that were set up in Forest School. We celebrated our wonderful morning with an ice crema by the river as a special treat. You made everybody very proud with your excellent ‘Share with Me’ workshop, Reception and you are more than ready for the next step on your King’s journey.

Reception Show