King's Hawford

14 January

Reception Turn Detective

This week our Reception class had to turn detective after discovering a real life crime scene! On arrival at school on Wednesday the children quickly noticed that the chocolates that they were going to give to Mrs Phillips had been ate! The children were quickly on the case. They spent the morning searching for clues having fashioned some magnifying glasses and binoculars from craft materials in the classrooms. A number of the children created maps and sketches of the crime scene. It was great to see the children putting their new writing skills to good use producing some excellent incident reports. Police Detective is definitely a career option for many of Reception!

Perle and Emily found a ‘fingerprint’ on a cushion in the classroom and Frank found some stones near the crime scene leading to him declaring that the culprit is “definitely a human!”. As the day went on a number of prime suspects were identified including Mrs Phillips, Miss Lane, Mrs Campbell, Mr Cook and Mrs Knight. The next step in the case was of course to fingerprint all of the suspects to see if their prints matched the one on the cushion. This led to the children learning about the four different types of finger prints. Investigations continued through out the day with the children taking it in turns to do their own prints.

On Thursday the children were excited to discover that the chocolate thief had returned to the scene of the crime overnight and had left an envelope addresses to the ‘Reception Class’. Upon opening the letter the children sat transfixed as Miss Lane read the contents out loud. The letter was an apology from the thief that offered an explanation and a promise to never take anything that does not belong to them ever again. It was quickly noted by the Reception Detectives that the note had been typed and was only signed with an ‘X’ meaning that identification would not be possible.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the start of their ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. Alongside their investigation they have immersed themselves in the role play areas in our Reception class rooms, they have also busied themselves building emergency vehicles using Lego. We are really excited to see where this topic takes Reception next week! It would appear that Reception are equally excited with Detective Rupert declaring that Wednesday was the “best day ever”.

When they’ve not been busy solving crimes the children have spent time on their writing, spellings and numbers. It has been a very productive week for Reception. I’m not sure about the children but the teachers are definitely looking forward to recharging their batteries over the weekend.