King's St Alban's

18 June

Record number of cricketers in action!

This week saw a record number of pupils take to the cricket pitch representing King’s St Alban’s. 116 children represented the school this week. It was great to see them all in action.

U11/10 ESCA Tournament at Bromsgrove

The boys travelled over to Bromsgrove on a sunny Tuesday afternoon for their ESCA regional tournament. In King’s St Albans group were The Elms School and Bromsgrove School. Firstly the boys came up against a very strong Elms team, they bowled very well throughout but gave their wickets away too easily which led to a The Elms winning the game by 30 runs. The next game was against Bromsgrove school which the U10/11 KSA team performed very well with bat and ball and also looked alert and sensible in the field. King’s St Albans won this game thanks to some superb bowling by Sam K and Giles E. Unfortunately with one win and one loss the boys didn’t make the final.

Overall the boys had a great afternoon of cricket and all played excellently. Giles and Tommy captained the team well and organised the field in response to the shots being played by the batting team.

Mr Hooman

U11 A v Bromsgrove JJM

Although the team lost they competed well in all areas. The team encouraged each other well and worked extremely hard in the field. A caught and bowled from Seb and strong low catch from Oscar and some great throws from Steph were all highlights.

Giles was the pick of the batters playing some nice shots and there were a number of good bowling performances throughout the team.

Mr Mason

U11 B v Bromsgrove

Today’s match saw the U11’s play against Bromsgrove school down on the playing fields at Slingpool Walk. Upon arriving our captain, Benedict, won the toss and elected to field first. A great decision!!

Our bowling was to a high standard all the way through the innings. We showed a consistent line and length throughout the team which was fantastic!! Excellent work folks! A special mention to Florence V, she continued her excellent form from the previous fixture by bowling 2 exceptional overs claiming a wicket in the process. Her bowling was backed up by brilliant spells from Benedict, Anna, Lily-mae and Heidi.

At the change of innings, we went into bat. From the very first over we showed great determination and resilience. Bromsgrove had some very strong bowlers, but our children were up to the task. They showed great discipline with their shot placement. Sazan demonstrated he is adept at finding gaps in the fields to place his shots. Well done also to Henrietta who showed she has a real talent for reading each delivery and striking the ball with good power and accuracy. The rest of the team then displayed the same hard work with the bat.

Well done to both teams for this afternoon, it was a great day for cricket. It was fantastic to see both teams enjoying themselves. Well done to all.

Mr Green

U11 C Cricket v Bromsgrove

On another beautiful day at the King’s games fields, KSA won the toss and opted to field first. Unfortunately, the opening pair for Bromsgrove were very strong and hit the ball to the boundary a couple of times per over. As the second pair came into the crease, Lucy F and Sophie P took over the bowling.  They bowled superbly and reduced the Bromsgrove run rate. The KSA fielders worked hard and prevented boundaries for 5 consecutive overs. In the penultimate over, Pari G, took a wicket, risking injury to do so!

After a much-needed water break, KSA came in to bat. Unfortunately for our first pair in bat, Bromsgrove’s opening bowler was very fast and took a trio of wickets in the first over. However, our second pair had the fortune of a slightly slower bowler and scored an impressive 17 runs. KSA had a steady run rate throughout the match but unfortunately lost a few more wickets (-5 each time). The final score was Bromsgrove 267- KSA 223. Once again, the sportsmanship between the two teams was uplifting to watch and it was a wonderful afternoon of sport.

Mrs Hand

U10 A Cricket v Bromsgrove CH

The U10s faced Bromsgrove on Wednesday afternoon. Bromsgrove won the toss and elected to bat first. King’s St Albans started fiercely getting 5 wickets in Bromsgrove’s first 6 overs. Aiden picking up a hattrick of wickets, the last wicket was a great catch by Tommy. The last over Lex picked up two wickets with some great bowling. Our batting has really shown the progress we have made so far this year, all of the KSA boys were striking the ball well and their running between the wickets was good. Tommy and Lex both hit two wonderful shots which went over the boundary for 6!

Mr Hooman

U10 B Cricket v Bromsgrove

The heat was intense over at Bromsgrove on Wednesday, but the Year 5 B team dug in and impressed me with their cricket. Ollie won the toss and smartly decided to field first. The bowling was excellent with limited extras given away. Lucia, Mia, Immie, Ivy and Yiming all got wickets. We tried hard in the field but with very short boundaries it was difficult stopping the fours as Bromsgrove batted well. Ollie made two outstanding catches, one at full reach above his head, and Lucia threw a ball in from the boundary which got a direct hit resulting in a run out. We then went on to bat and we were not surprised that they had some very good bowlers. We did well protecting our wickets and Felix and Lucia hit several boundaries. Olivia K also batted tenaciously and ran hard between the wickets. Lucia, was rightly, selected by Bromsgrove as the Player of the match.

Mrs Clark

U10C Cricket v Bromsgrove

What a lovely afternoon for a game of cricket. We won the toss and elected to field first. The children were good at bowling, many of whom bowled the required length and there weren’t too many wides. Evie got the only maiden over of the game – excellent! Jessica also bowled narrowly missing a wicket a few times. After a few water stops and a short break in the shade we were up for batting. A few children scored a 4, although Evie scored numerous 4s in her over! Shot of the match should go to Henry though for gaining a 6 – brilliant! Player of the match was well deserved and awarded Evie. While we didn’t win we had a wonderful afternoon playing cricket. Well done all!

Miss Jordan

U8/9 Boys B v The Downs

Today’s U8/9’s fixture took place over at The Downs in Malvern. When we arrived, we were greeted by their captain to conduct the toss. Our captain for today Humphrey won the toss and decided to field first. A very clever decision made by Humphrey.

We made a good start to our bowling innings, the boys showed very good control with the line and length of their deliveries. They were able to pitch the ball up the wicket very well, while still maintaining a good line. The fielding was impressive with many of the boys concentrating well and getting the ball back to the stumps or bowler when it had been hit. It was great to see what we had focused on in our lessons paying off in our fixtures.

Our batting then carried on where our bowling left off. We made a good start scoring well from the first few overs. The boys showed good judgement on where to play the ball depending on the gaps in the field. This was very impressive. The good batting display then continued through the innings with very few wickets being taken by the

opposing team. This showed how well the boys have down in their games sessions and how much they had learned from them. Well done boys!

It was a fantastic afternoon’s cricket from both teams, well done to all involved!!

Mr Green

U9 Girls’ Cricket v Winterfold 

The girls were very excited for their match against Winterfold on Tuesday afternoon. They won the toss and elected to field first. Ella was up first and bowled strongly giving away only 2 runs in her first over and gaining a wicket – excellent! All girls had a great go at over arm bowling and there were only a few wides or no balls given. When batting we needed to protect the wicket a little more carefully as Winterfold did gain some good wickets and try to hit the ball a little harder. Penny was awarded batter of the match and Emily, bowler. Well done girls, although we didn’t win we had a lovely afternoon of cricket.

Miss Jordan

U8 Girls Cricket v Winterfold

This was the U8’s first proper pairs match and it was a delight to see how much progress the girls have made this term. All the girls managed to bowl with a straight arm and Florence got a wicket with a lovely straight ball. They batted a little nervously and were a little apprehensive about running, however, Karla and Anna hit two excellent shots both scoring 4’s.

It ended up being a very close game with Winterfold scoring 264 and St Alban’s scoring 269. Unfortunately, Winterfold got 3 wickets and we only got 1, so taking the 5 runs they get for each wicket into account we only lost by 5 runs, 279 to 274.

Mrs Clark