King's Hawford

1 February

Remote Learning – A Balanced Approach

Here at King’s Hawford we are hugely proud of what our pupils, parents and teachers are achieving in terms of remote learning.  It is also great to see so many of our children, with Key Worker parents, in school beavering away. 

Most importantly, however, we haven’t lost sight of what makes Hawford so special – offering children the opportunity to communicate, share experiences, relate to the world around them and just have fun by spending some time away from their iPads.

Read on to find out more about the ways in which we continue to add that little bit of Hawford magic.

Interactive Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment Sessions have been introduced for all pupils from Year 3 – 6 on three afternoons a week. Our goal is to recreate that sense of learning outside of the classroom, which is an important part of our ethos here at Hawford.

Opportunities to throw themselves into activities ranging from sport, cookery, scavenger hunts, gardening, mindfulness sessions or just a good old-fashioned walk, are taken with great enthusiasm.  Our Pre-prep and Early Years children get hugely excited by their sessions that include dance, baking, music, games and a huge range of creative activities.

An Action-Packed Events Programme

We have a busy events and competitions programme this term designed to entertain and keep the Hawford spirit alive.  Highlights include our Duvet Day and Whole school Hip-hop session on Valentine’s day, which offers a chance to chill out and bust some shapes, in equal measure. Later in the term children will be getting creative as they make and model their outfits in our Sustainable Fashion Show.  The whole school will come together for our ABBA tribute event and, finally, the children will have the opportunity to demonstrate their own performing abilities in our end of term talent show.

Lorne Stigant, Assistant Head, recognises the importance of creating a balanced approach. “Hawford has a unique atmosphere and a sense of community that we have seen continue whatever has been thrown at us over the past year.  We have worked closely together to meet the rigours of remote learning, but have always recognised the need to let the children socialise with each other, get involved in a range of new experiences and continue to have fun and  develop in the widest possible sense”.

Maths Day at Hawford

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