King's St Alban's

4 November

Returning to the classroom with gusto

The pupils in Reception have returned to the classroom for the second half of the Autumn Term with renewed energy and enthusiasm. They have fully embraced this week’s learning about Diwali, the festival of light. The children have been particularly fascinated by the story of Rama and Sita and how Rama managed to build a bridge to rescue Sita and then follow the lights home.

The children relished the opportunity to retell the story before working together to build their own bridges, much to the pleasure of their teachers. However, the highlight of the week was most probably the children getting stuck in (and a little but messy!) with clay, making their own Diva lamps and creating Rangoli patterns which are part of the tradition of Diwali.

The Reception children continue to impress all the teachers and teaching assistants with the phenomenal progress they are making in learning their phonics. We are so proud of their willingness to give anything and everything a go. They are now starting to hear the sounds in short words and having a go at writing them with outstanding results – well done, Reception!

As we look ahead to a busy, lively, second half of term in the classroom and in particular, welcoming Reception parents to our ‘Share With Me Workshop’ next Wednesday, 10th November, where we hope parents will get a taste of life in Reception at King’s St Alban’s. We don’t think that parents will struggle to see the children’s eagerness to learn. It is incredible to think that pupils in Reception have only been at school for a relatively short time (just six weeks!) but have come on so much in their focus, learning and understanding of school life.

For further details of the curriculum followed by our Reception class please explore the curriculum pages of our website.