King's St Alban's

9 October

Rupert Monkhouse (OV) Visit

This term Year 3 are learning all about teeth and how to keep them healthy. We were delighted to welcome OV Rupert Monkhouse back to King’s St Alban’s this week to talk to our pupils about dental care. Rupert attended King’s St Alban’s in 2001 and left the Senior School in 2012. After leaving King’s, Rupert trained as a Dentist at King’s College London. Rupert now works as an NHS Dentist.

During his visit he talked about the properties of teeth, the importance of keeping them clean, how to brush them, which foods were good and bad for the teeth and what happens if we don’t look after our teeth. He also spoke of his work in Prisons looking after the prisoners’ teeth and his role as London Hub lead for Teeth Team, a charity going into schools educating children about oral health. The children were interested to learn about his job and how his youngest patient was 6 weeks old and his oldest patient was 97!