King's St Alban's

17 November

School Council get to work

On Wednesday, our School Council held their very first meeting of the academic year. Representatives from Years Three to Six came together to discuss our charity focus for this year and, after a brief round of introductions between the different year groups, our school councillors got to work.

Having previously discussed the School’s charity contribution in classes, our representatives shared the class views with the group. We categorised the suggestions into local, national and global causes and discussed particular causes close to our hearts.  The children were mature, thoughtful, and shared their views eloquently. They had bundles of energy and their respectful and collaborative approach was most impressive for the first meeting of the year.

Mrs Beauchamp, Academic Deputy at King’s St Alban’s was particularly impressed with the children’s communication skills and positive engagement, as they listened very well to each other and represented the viewpoints not just of themselves but also of other pupils in their classes.

Pupil voice and feedback is a very valuable influence on whole-school life, with recent outcomes including new playground equipment, a playtime rota, including football, and reviewing the school meals. Younger pupils in our Pre-Prep also have input into School Council matters via whole-class discussion and brainstorming sessions with their class teachers.