King's St Alban's

21 January

Sirens and blue flashing lights ….

There was much excitement in the Pre-Prep at King’s St Alban’s as Reception and Year 1 had a visit from the firefighters of the Hereford and Worcester Fire Service. As four firefighters jumped out of their shiny, red fire engine on to the playground, the pupils offered an extremely warm King’s St Alban’s welcome.

The firefighters first explained the different jobs firefighters undertake, from putting out fires, saving cats from trees and cows stuck in rivers to attending car accidents on the road. They showed us some of their rescue equipment for lifting cars and other heavy objects. Rob, one of the firefighters, also showed the pupils how they put on their uniform and explained to the children what each item was for. One of the children thought that the uniform looked quite heavy!

The children were then able to explore the kit on board the fire engine and they enjoyed looking at all the tools and gadgets. Next, they had a peek in the cab and learnt that when they go to a call, the firefighters in the back get ready so that when they arrive they can jump straight out and get to work. Pupils enquired as to what the computer in the front of the cab was used for before they heard the sirens and watched the blue flashing lights.

The highlight of visit had to be when the children each had a turn at using the hose. Everyone was able to have a go at squirting the hose at the cone on the playground. It was a special, memorable visit for the children and we are very grateful to the firefighters for giving up their time during a busy day to come and visit us.

The visit concluded with some important reminders – how to call 999,  always to make sure they were wearing their seatbelts in the car and to remind their mums and dads not to use their mobile phones whilst driving.