King's Sixth Form

8 June

Sixth Form Leaders Take Part in Team Building Afternoon

As our Upper Sixth students focus on their exams, the Lower Sixth have stepped into their new leadership roles enthusiastically.

To help support them and develop their skills, on Monday afternoon the Monitors and Heads of House for 2022-2023 headed to the games fields for a team building session led by WiseUp, who provided a range activities that challenged students to work together and reflect on what makes a good team and good team-leaders. From the start, the group hit the ground running; the competitive elements brought out the best in everyone and it was wonderful to see how positively the students worked together.

Louie (Monitor 2022-2023)

Just after lunch, we headed down to the fields to meet with the Wise Up team and begin our team-building activities. They initially gave us a talk on what to expect from the training and to think about what skills we can work on during the activities. After this, we split into groups of roughly 10/11, consisting of Monitors or Heads of Houses. As the group that I was in contained 12 monitors, we creatively decided to name ourselves “The Dozen”. The first activity we did was called “Six Nails”, where you had to balance the six nails on a thin wooden beam. We began quite brazenly and without a definite plan, but we soon learned to think about different ways to tackle the task before rushing into it. We carried this attitude through to the final activity, where we managed to complete it first time. If I were to take away one key point from the day it would be the ability to think more about preparation and, if anything doesn’t work out, how to adapt in the moment.

Thora (Head of House 2022-2023):

I found the team-building afternoon very entertaining! I learnt a lot about myself as a person and some skills that I will be able to take with me into my year as Head of House. Through activities like moving the ball through the hoop and the skis, which both required us to move relatively as one, my team learnt that communication and cooperation were going to be a big hurdle to overcome. Other activities like the sheep and the shepherd, the chasm cross, and the electric fence showed us that we needed to practise trust, a bit of physics, and some creative thinking. But, I think overall what my whole team can take away is the skill to plan things. At the beginning of the afternoon, we had a tendency to rush into the task and not plan it enough, but by the end, our final activity, the gutters, was well planned out and we completed it easily and swiftly, which left the whole team feeling very accomplished. What I am glad to have learnt is, along with the planning it is also good to just give things a go. As Head of House next year, I will need that ability to just be able to jump in and handle a problem if the occasion arises. Finally, I think everyone benefited from a slight ego check when we learnt that you can’t be a leader all the time, and it was important to be able to step back and listen to other peoples’ ideas, which will especially be important for the Heads of House in order to work well peers and House staff. All in all, it was a very enjoyable afternoon and a very beneficial experience!